Podcasts I enjoy

I run and walk a lot and therefore have time to listen to many podcasts. Here are the ones I listen to on a regular basis and highly recommend:

Anything in the Slate suite of podcasts. In particular, I most look forward to “Mom and Dad are Fighting”, “Double X”, “The Culture Gabfest” and “Slate Money

My Monday morning run is always accompanied by the latest podcast installment from “Another Mother Runner”. Whether you are a mother, or a runner, or both, this podcast is entertaining, informative and always over before I am ready.

When I’m in the mood for other running podcasts, the ones I most enjoy are “Trail Runner Nation“, “Ultra Runner Podcast“, and “RunnersConnect“. I also thoroughly enjoy “The Running Lifestyle” podcast and have found valuable running, nutrition and lifestyle tips here.

I love listening to the “Desert Island Discs” podcast, both past and present.

The Sporkful” and “Dinner Party Download” are my two favorite food-related podcasts and they never fail to make me hungry. Usually mid-run/walk. Which is not helpful.  I love the new “Bon Appetit” podcast; it’s really peaceful, funny and informative.  I have similar feelings about Food52’s “Burnt Toast“.

Nothing has indulged my insatiable, macabre love of true crime than the fantastic “In The Dark” podcast from APM reports. At once gripping, moving, and infuriating, this is a must for anyone mourning the loss of “Serial”.



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