Ovaltine, Ovomaltine

Did you know that Ovaltine was developed in Switzerland and its original name was ovaltine1924frenchad1Ovomaltine?  Nope, neither did I! In my youth I drank Ovaltine daily. As I grew older, the pull of caffeine got stronger and coffee and tea took its place.   After a recent panic attack where I lamented my aging body and worried that my bones were fast disintegrating, I embarked on a mission to get more calcium into my daily diet.

I have never found much joy in drinking a glass of plain milk, and there are only so many yogurts one person can eat in a day.  So I trawled the supermarket shelves to find something that would entice me to drink more milk and then I saw it: Ovaltine.  I had completely forgotten that it existed! And not only did I remember that Ovaltine delicious, but one glance at the nutrition label reminded me that it is pretty nutritious too: lots of vitamins and importantly, lots of calcium.

Then my mind started whirring, what else could I do with the GIANT container of Ovaltine I had just bought? Well, it turns out that with a little bit of imagination and a few google searches, you can doovaltine-vitamins much more than just add this to milk.  First of all, Ovaltine chocolate chip cookies.   Possibly the best cookies I have made in a while and gobbled up in record speed.  As well as serving my family members a glass of milk with a scoop of Ovaltine at any given moment, I also added a scoop to my daily oatmeal (ovalmeal), and sprinkled it on top of ice cream.  Other places where Ovaltine can, and should, be added: brownies, pudding, frosting, milkshakes.  The list goes on.

In conclusion, Ovaltine is delicious, add it to everything.  Also, re-discover something you used to love as a child.  And this post was not sponsored by Ovaltine.  Sadly.


Blizzards and oreos in everything

I am a little sheepish to be writing my second post in a row about DQ blizzards and new oreos. It appears that I have nothing else exciting going on in my life right now! For theRed velvet second installment in my personal “I will try every flavor Blizzard of the Month in 2016 challenge”, as expected and dreaded, I had to eat a red velvet blizzard. This will now also be known as, the most boring blizzard ever. In fact, it was so dull and boring that I didn’t hate it. Not being a fan of red velvet cake OR cream cheese, I was not looking forward to this month and purchased a mini blizzard, rather than my usual small.  If I had eaten this blizzard with my eyes closed, I would think I was eating vanilla soft serve with something mushy in it. It needed chocolate chips or sprinkles or SOMETHING for texture and/or flavor. Therefore, a giant thumbs down to the boring red velvet blizzard.  I am hoping that the March BofM will be inspired by St. Patrick’s Day and will therefore be minty.  I do love my mint!

Last week was one of those weeks that was packed full of mundane tasks: house cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, etc. The one bright spark in my otherwise blah week was when I stumbled across a new, very confusing, limited edition flavor of oreos: filled cupcake chocolate flavor. I stared, puzzled at the packaging, trying to figure out what that Chocolate cupcake oreomeant.  So of course, I had to buy a package to investigate. As you can see from the picture (left), these oreos contain chocolate cream with a weird splodge (splodge, is that a word?) of vanilla cream in the middle of the chocolate. They taste nice, but I am not entirely sure I see the point.  As with all these limited edition oreos, I will buy these just once and then wait around for the next new flavor. Whatever that may be.