Blogs I read

There’s nothing better than waking up to a new blog post from one of my favorite websites. These are the ones I most look forward to:

David Lebovitz – I own several of David’s cookbooks and have yet to encounter a recipe that didn’t work out.

Serious Eats – This is my go-to cooking/food information website.  I usually start here when I am looking for a recipe.

Smitten Kitchen – Probably my favorite cooking blog out there.  Every recipe I have tried has been a success.

Annie’s Eats – My latest discovery.

Oh She Glows – My favorite vegan blog.  I am not vegan, but I still love the recipes from this website.  I often add meat and/or dairy, depending on my preferences.  I am not against keeping a recipe fully vegan, but it’s nice to be able to improvise.

101 Cookbooks – I have a couple of Heidi Swanson cookbooks and for some reason they, and this blog, make me feel really peaceful.  That’s a strange thing to say about a cookbook and a blog, but it’s true.

Brown Eyed Baker – This is a really good resource for fun and delicious baked goods.  I have made many things from cookies to cupcakes, all of which have turned out well.

Rose Levy Beranbaum – Rose Beranbaum’s book “The Bread Bible” has taught me more about baking bread than any other book I have read.  I recently purchased “The Baking Bible” so she can educate me some more.

Chocolate and Zucchini – I always learn something interesting and new from this blog and just like David Lebovitz, it’s refreshing to read a Paris-based blog.

Hungry Runner Girl – Switching gears for a moment, this is one of my favorite blogs. I am an avid runner and really enjoy hearing about the day-to-day life of a fellow enthusiast.

Another Mother Runner – Again, a favorite of mine.  If you are a mother and a runner (or even a mother OR a runner) then this is required reading. Period.

Runners Connect – This is a valuable resource for any runner and this is my go-to resource for running related questions and issues.


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