Blizzards, Oreos, Snickers, Oh my!

Last night was the big night; the first of 12 DQ blizzards in 2016 (which will be a whopping 10 more than I consumed in 2015). January’s blizzard of the month is the possibly misnamed Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzard. This chocolatey treat contains salted caramel truffles, toffee, fudge and chocolate chunks. As far as I am concerned, the so-called “truffles” had no flavor and could have been omitted entirely. In my opinion this blizzard tasted overwhelmingly of toffee, which is great for toffee lovers but not for a person who was more interested in the “salted caramel” side of things. In any case, I enjoyed this blizzard but will probably not order it again since I am not the biggest toffee lover. I am already nervous about February’s blizzard of the month. Last year it was red velvet and involved cream cheese, which I do not care for. Fingers crossed!

While we’re on the subject of new products, this was a big week for me. I tried the new Cinnamon Bun Oreos and the new Snickers Crisper. The Oreos were tasty and I particularly appreciated that the cookie pieceSnickers crispers themselves were cinnamon Oreoflavored (they are usually either chocolate or vanilla). The Snickers Crisper on the other hand, biggest disappointment ever. I have no idea how this product has anything to do with Snickers and I am baffled as to why this was introduced as part of the Snickers family and not as an entirely new candy bar, separate from the Snickers bar. I love the Snickers Squared candy bar thSnickers squaredat was introduced a few years ago; it is tasty and reminiscent of a snickers bar, albeit with slightly different flavors. In comparison, the Snickers Crisper is weak and no more than a glorified, not very good Rice Krispies Treat (no offense RKT, I do love you). I do love a good new product introduction though, and my eyes are always open.


I have David Lebovitz to thank for this. And DQ.

Well, apparently all it takes is a summer full of kids and fun to scupper my attempts at writing a consistent blog, Summer funnot to mention the period of catch-up that comes when the aforementioned children return to their educational and after-school activities. It is all thanks to David Lebovitz’s wonderfully simple recipe for Ballymaloe Irish Brown Bread that I felt compelled to relight my blogging flame in order to recommend this fantastic bread. Easy to make, yet way tastier than the sum of its parts, I served this hearty loaf alongside a simple split pea soup and my family devoured it all. I did not even make use of the authentic Irish ingredients that David recommends; I can only imagine how much tastier this will be when I do.

So what else has been happening? Nothing too out of the ordinary: cooking, ruBob's red millnning, working, rinse, repeat. I switched up my daily bowl of oatmeal for a daily bowl of 5 grain rolled cereal.  I am enjoying the variation in grains and am happy to be out of my oatmeal rut. Different, but not THAT different, carefully does it! I plan on blogging consistently, now that I have my ducks back in a row (it only took 6 months). In order to make my life a little more exciting and to give myself a reason to keep returning to this blog, I have set myself a challenge for 2016.  I call this, the DQ flavor challenge.  Let me explain.

For the most part I lead a healthy lifestyle, I eat well and I exercise. I eat chocolate and candy when the mood takes me and I don’t deny myself anything.  However, over the years, my one true love and indulgence has somehow managed to slip Blizzardthrough the cracks, and that is Dairy Queen.  Strangely, since I am not generally the biggest ice cream fan, DQ is my joy. My husband and I had our first (hungover) date there and it has been a happy part of our lives ever since.  As the years have gone by and kids have got in the way, I have forgotten about DQ and time between blizzards keeps lengthening.  Not this year though, this year I vow to do better, and while I will miss my standard mint blizzard with cookie dough and m&m, 2016 is the year where I try every flavor of blizzard of the month, no matter what.  So stay tuned for the first edition of the DQ flavor challenge: January’s Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzard. I bet you can’t wait!