The ubiquity of eggs

EggsOne of the many strange mysteries of my kitchen is that whenever I look in my fridge, I see at least a dozen eggs. Somehow I am always surprised at the amount of eggs in my house, even though I am the chief purchaser of said eggs. I have decided it’s because they arrive in dozens, hence we go from zero to twelve in an instant. Personally, I am not a morning egg eater and prefer instead to serve them at dinner time.

Yesterday we ate this spinach and cheese strata for dinner. One thing I really like about a strata is that it can be made ahead of time, stored in the fridge, and cooked when needed. Another family dinner favorite involving eggs in my house are pancakes. Served with fresh fruit and a breakfast meat, this always makes us happy.  If I am feeling especially motivated on pancake night I will whip up a fruit compote to serve alongside, something like this blueberry-maple syrup recipe.  Any combination of fruit and sugar can be used for this, and I often add mint or basil for an interesting twist.

omelette6This summer I am on a mission teach my children how to make a good omelet.  I have decided that this is a skill they will use their whole life long, no matter what their life situation. Omelets are cheap, quick and nutritious. We fill ours with any cooked leftover veggies we have in the house, combined with strong flavored cheese (so we don’t need as much) and a little bit of ham/bacon/sausage if desired.

Quiche is another egg-based dinner standard in my house. Recently I experimented with making the crust out of quinoa, instead of the traditional pie crust I usually make. This was definitely an acquired taste, but my whole family ended up loving it. And since I am always looking for new ways to serve eggs for dinner, this definitely fit the bill.


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