Sandwich fail

For the most part I consider myself to be a pretty good cook, albeit in a non-professional, mainly based on feedback from family and friends capacity. I can make a decent loaf of bread, a delicious pot of soup, a tasty pasta sauce and on occasion, a complicated layer cake, all with very little trouble and generally positive results.

SandwichSo why, why, somebody tell me why, do my grilled sandwiches always, ALWAYS end up looking like this (monstrosity pictured on the left). I have tried everything: low and slow heat, fast and high heat, covered, not covered, non-stick pan, non non-stick pan, butter, olive oil, various breads. Nothing changes the blackened outcome. I don’t understand! I would one day like to enjoy a grilled sandwich, made by my own hand, that is not burned and whose contents are actually hot and melty.  “Use a panini press!”,  I hear you yell.  Well yes, I do sometimes use a panini press, but that is not the point.  It apparently takes a lot of skill and practice to master the art of a good old-fashioned, pan-cooked, grilled sandwich.  And I have yet to get there.


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