Mint, as far as the eye can see

We recently moved from a townhouse into a “real house” with our very own yard complete with grass to be mown, planters to be planted and weeds to be pulled. Most peoMint leavesple I know sigh quite audibly upon hearing the words “yard work” and gladly pay a local landscaping firm to primp, preen and generally take care of their outside areas.  But not I, no, not I.  After spending 9 years in a townhouse watching somebody else take care of what little land we had, I was excited to be responsible for all the delightful tasks that lay ahead.

When we closed on our new home, the previous owners left us a very comprehensive guide to maintaining the yard and its contents.  One line read: “we have tried to control the abundance of mint in the yard, but to no avail.  It continues to grow and grow and is taking over.  Sorry”.  Sorry?  Excuse me?  As a lifelong lover of all things mint, this is my dream come true.  Too much mint?  There’s no such thing!  So I decided to incorporate this herb into as many meals and drinks as possible, and as a result I learned a lot about the versatility of this, and then subsequently many other cooking ingredients.

I love to cook and try new recipes, but I have always been hesitant to stray from my recipe guide or (gasp) try creating something new of my own.  My so-called mint experiment has taught me to be creative when it comes to cooking and substituting one ingredient for another, and I would love to share what I learned with anyone who cares to read more.


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